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I am currently imparting workshops in three places:

IREHOM - Institut de Recerca Holística de Montserrat


A research project in the woods, at 50 min drive from Barcelona. There is a good train connection as well! There we can benefit from a well-equipped workshop and facilities to sleep, cook, etc. A beautiful quiet place to enjoy nature and oneself! We do weekend projects as well as longer in-depth courses up to 7 days.


ArtallaBCN - L'Hospitalet

A friend's small woodcarving school where I teach weekend courses on a regular basis.  We do everything with hand tools! Usually once or twice a month.


TMDC - Barcelona

Open Access Workshop in the neighbourhood of La Verneda.


Available courses

Level 1 (60h course)


An in-depth introduction to cabinetmaking with hand tools in which we'll discover the fundamental tools and techniques. It can be done as an intensive course (two weeks) or in 5 weekends.



Maximum number of students: 4


Price including materials and accommodation: 750€

Prerequisites: being eager to learn!



We'll go through these subjects:


  • Preparation and sharpening of tools.

  • Hand planing (as a practice we'll build a bench hook).

  • Mortice and tenon joint, blind and through with wedges (we'll make a Krenov sawhorse).

  • Dovetailing (we'll make a pencil box).

  • Hand-applied finishes: oil, shellac, acrylic, making and applying wax.

Level 2 (72h course)



A follow-up to level 1. The techniques we'll have learned will be put to use in the build of a cabinet. Some machines will be introduced.



Maximum number of students: 4


Price including materials and accommodation: 920€

Prerequisites: Level 1



We'll go through these subjects:


  • Plan interpretation

  • Drawer making and fitting

  • Frame and panel doors

  • Carcass construction

  • Interpreting wood behaviour

  • Project planning and management

12h workshops (usually weekends)


These are 12h intensive courses (6h per day) where we dive into specific topics or do simple projects.



Maximum number of students: 3.

Price: 150€.

Prerequisites: being eager to learn!




  • Chisel and plane blade preparation and sharpening. All there is to know about the subject!


  • Hand-planing. We'll explore high-accuracy work preparing the components for a bench hook with 0,025mm tolerances. Mastering the planing technique is essential, as it is a fundamental task in every job.


  • Joinery. We'll explore either the mortise and tenon joint, the housing (dado) joint or the dovetail joint.


  • Making a hexagonal stool. A nice beginners project involving sawing and planing techniques.

Projects (18h - 30h)


These are longer courses only held at the Institut de Recerca Holística de Monsterrat, where we'll stay up to 5 days living together and enjoying nature and woodworking!


Maximum number of students: 3.


Prerequisites: Level 1 or "Hand-planing" workshop.





  • Making a Krenov-style plane. We'll build a fine smoothing plane and fit it with a 38mm Ron Hock blade and chip-breaker (the finest western steel!).  Duration: 3 days. Price including materials and accommodation: 235€



  • Making a Krenov-style plane - extended. The same as above + a blade preparation and sharpening course. Duration: 5 days. Price including materials and accommodation: 365€


  • Building a shaker side table. Learn the basics of mortise and tenon construction, shaping and finishing. Duration: 5 days. Price including materials and accommodation: 365€


For more info on specific workshops or to enrol just fill in the blanks! 

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