Workshop build - Part One

I belong to a group of people doing research on alternative ways to exist and coexist. We own a compound where all our lines of investigation take place: alternative education, solar power, farming, conscious forest managing, construction in stone, straw and wood, and a large etc. Within this compound, we are building a wood shop which will serve community needs and it will be my cabinet making shop as well.

The preexistent structure is a log frame that will be closed with fast timber frame walls, OSB panels and cork thermic isolation. It has been designed to be as humidity tight as possible in order to have a stable moisture content, which is essential to building well-crafted furniture. It will be outfitted with single phase and three phase power, a powerful dust collection system, lots of natural light and pretty much anything a shop needs!

The wood is consciously harvested from our own forest, and many of the materials are reclaimed.

The planning started in winter 2016 and hopefully, it will be finished in early 2018. This is something I couldn't carry on my own and indeed many people are helping a great deal. I'm very grateful.

Stay tuned to watch it progress!

The shop at present: the old structure at the right of the picture and the beginning of the wall construction at the left.

We started in fall 2016 with the foundation for the extension side.

About 30 trees were cut down in a way that benefits both the forest and our purpose. They were cut following the moon calendar too, as it helps a great deal keeping bugs away.

Cutting all the lumber into beams, posts, etc. It took about 2 months of work!

At present we are assembling and raising walls. The openings are made to fit the windows we have in stock at the moment.

Some timber framing is going on too, for structural purposes.

For the ceiling's top layer, we are using reclaimed galvanised iron sheets.

Next step is raising up two 6m long beams. Quite heavy!

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